"It is just as you promised - more detail,
tighter bass, better sound-stage, easy to install
and use and gorgeous to look at! Thank you so much for another brilliant DIYer's dream item."
- Brad Ellis


VTAF & CCM Counterweight with Rega RB250 & Thorens TD124 Turntable

It all began with the Standard VTAF for post mounted Rega arms like the RB250, RB300, and RB600 arms, Origin Live OL1 (all versions), Origin Live Silver (all versions), Brit Audio version of RB250, Expressimo version of RB250, Moth Audio version of RB250, Michell Technoarm version of RB250, Incongnito version of RB250, Thorens version of RB250, and Other Versions of RB250, RB300, and RB600.

We have since extended application of the VTAF to the three point mount Rega arms such as the RB201, RB301, RB303, RB700, RB900,  and RB1000. Please check out the page titled VTAF for 3 Point Mount Rega Arms:"

We have also extended application of the VTAF to most arms in combination with most tables.

The VTAF units for Rega arms work without additonal accessories on most turntables having a large armboard or plinth, including most traditional tables, and the Teres tables, the Michell Gyrodec, and the Michell Gyrodec SE.  

Extension plates are available for mounting the VTAF Guide Assembly on turntables with small arm boards.  Examples of tables with small arm boards are the Nottingham Spacedeck, and the Origin Live Aurora and Aurora Gold.

We have added online shopping to this web site for some of the more obvious applications of the VTAF, for the VTAF Teflon Upgrade, and for the Counterweight for The Common Man (CCM), our structural upgrade for Rega arms.  As we gain better control of the web site we will provide online shopping for most of our products.  In the mean time, please email us at, or call us at 509-582-4548 if you need assistance ordering.

If you would like to see the VTAF as applied to various tonearms please check out the page titled "VTAF for Many Tonearm Models":

If you would like to see the VTAF for SME tonearms, please go to the page Titled "VTAF for SME Tonearms" at the following link:

For prices and additional information about our products and accessories, please check our price list:


  • Improved sound stage, imaging, space, air, nuance, inner detail, dynamics, pace and rhythm, bass clarity, and musicality. This is above and beyond the VTA adjustment benefit!

  • Raises performance of tone arms to the highest level!
  • Smooth and easy adjustment of VTA on the fly!
  • Continuously variable VTA adjustment... infinite resolution!
  • Each full turn of the adjuster wheel results in only .025 inch (0.635mm) height change
  • VTA is easy to measure, record, and reset!
  • After VTAF installation, the arm can be removed from and restored to the turntable in just moments! Easily remove tone arm for transport, for cartridge maintainance and cleaning, or for cartridge replacement.

"Couldn't be much easier. My platter mat was thick enough so that I didn't have to do any shimming."
- Mark Price


How It Works

The patented VTAF has several parts. A thin walled tubular steel precision VTAF Adjuster Screw with extra fine external threads slips over the tone arm mounting post.  For post mounted Rega tone, arms the VTAF Adjuster Screw is held to the tone arm mounting post by a thin walled capture ring threaded onto the threaded mounting post. 

For tone arms with a smooth tone arm mounting post, the VTAF Adjuster Screw is held to the tone arm mounting post with a pair of wave springs which provide a non-resonant connecton between the adjuster screw and the post.

For Rega 3 point mount arms, which have no tone arm mounting post, the top of the VTAF Adjuster Screw is attached to a substantial brass platform to which the 3 point tonearm mount is screwed in 3 places.

A precision machined solid brass VTAF Adjuster Wheel with knurled edge for thumbwheel action (2-1/4" outside diameter, 1/10 inch thick... 56 mm x 2.5 mm) runs smoothly on the extra fine threads of the adjuster screw.

A substantial bronze thrust bushing slip fits to the arm board hole and accepts the adjuster screw in a vertical sliding fashion, with only a few thousandths inch clearance, precisely locating the tone arm pedestal on the arm board.  The VTAF Adjuster Wheel bears directly on the top flange of the bronze thrust bushing.

Each turn of the solid brass adjuster wheel raises or lowers the tone arm pedestal by exactly 25 thousandths of an inch (.625 mm). Less than a full turn produces proportionally less change. An easy-to-see witness mark is provided on the adjuster wheel.

The tone arm pedestal is not fastened down to the arm board, but is supported by the bottom surface of the adjuster wheel resting flat on the precision top flange of the bronze thrust bushing, under the influence of gravity. Because the tone arm is essentially balanced over the pivot point, the tone arm pedestal naturally rests level, without any tipping tendency. This precise but non-rigid "floating" connection of the pedestal to the arm board is the key to better sonics from the tone arm.

A simple precision machined solid brass VTAF Vertical Guide Assembly captures a horizontal projection of the tone arm pedestal, allowing vertical motion of the tone arm pedestal, but preventing the pedestal from rotating in the bronze bushing. The vertical guide assembly adjusts smoothly and easily to minimize free play between the guide system and the pedestal projection.

The VTAF Adjuster Wheel raises and lowers the tone arm pedestal easily, smoothly, and precisely, with the record in play. The user can hear changes in the reproduced sound as adjustments are made.

Construction and Finish

The VTAF is elegantly simple, attractive in appearance, solidly constructed, and precision machined from solid brass and steel. The appearance parts are solid brass with a clear lacquer finish. You may also select a Smoky Silver Finish.



Nottingham Spacedeck Custom Base

Conversions kits are available (please inquire) which allow the VTAF to be used with other arms and with turntables with small arm supports. Examples are:

  1. Spacearms on Spacedecks
  2. Spacearms on other turntables
  3. Rega (and Rega based) arms on Spacedecks and other turntables with small arm support areas
  4. Origin Live Encounter and Illustrious arms on Spacedecks, other turntables with small arm support areas, and turntables with old style armboards and plinths
  5. A wide variety of tonearms, in production and out of production, which are mounted by way of a mounting post. Examples: Spacearm, Hadcock, Sonus Formula IV, Mayware
  6. Applications for the VTAF are growing weekly

The price of the conversion kits will depend on the complexity of the conversion required, please inquire.

VTAF with VTAF Full Extension Plate

Turntable Compatability

The VTAF works with all but the most unusual turntables.

The VTAF works with firmly suspended turntables.  Examples are the Garrard 301, the Thorens TD124, the Teres tables, the Nottingham tables, the Rega Planar models, VPI tables,

The VTAF works with spring suspended turntables.  Examples are the Thorens TD125, 150, and 160 models, Linn models, AR, Merril and Scilia models, Oracle tables, Origin Live tables, and Oracle tables.

Week by week the range of tonearms, turntables, and tonearm/turntable combinations on which the VTAF has been installed grows. If you have questons about your table/arm combination, please inquire.

Once the VTAF Bronze Bushing is installed in the arm board or turntable deck, it is a snap to remove/replace the arm from/to the turntable for work on the cartridge. The arm is simply lifted out of the bushing while the cables are guided out of the turntable base and through the bushing. This eliminates the need to get under the turntable base to remove or replace the arm. No kidding, this is a huge benefit. When was the last time you were able to really inspect your stylus?

With additional bushing and vertical guide parts (available separately) a tone arm may be easily transferred from one turntable to another in just moments.

Empire Turntable and Plinth by Randy Carter
Origin Live OL1 with VTAF on Thorens TD124

Associated Equipment Used During Development

Listening sessions during development of the VTAF were conducted using Rega RB250 tone arms modified by Origin Live and Express Machine, mounted on Thorens TD124, Thorens TD125 Mk. II, and Garrard 301 turntables, played through a Wright Audio Products AG phono stage, an integrated 845 single-ended tube amplifier designed and constructed by Pete Riggle Audio, and rear loaded single horn Ben loudspeakers by Cain&Cain using Fostex 208 Sigma loudspeaker drivers. Phono cartridges used during development were a Denon DL103 moving coil cartridge and a Grado Prestige cartridge.


"The arm being practically free of the deck
has improved clarity, giving the perception 
of improved timing and space."
- Leonard Cue

"The installation instructions were foolproof and after the 45 minutes that it took to remove my Expressimo Audio VTA and install yours (mostly sanding the hole in my Corian armboard and adjusting height so that the cartridge body was parallel with the record) I was playing music."
- Barry Howard