"The strange thing is that the
VTA on the fly is secondary to
the improvement in the soundstage.
Even my wife is playing vinyl albums
again, a good sign."
- Bill Luebke

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Announces the VTAF™ Teflon Upgrade Kit

Post Mounted RB250 with VTAF and CCM on TD124

The VTAF Telfon Upgrade is priced at $36 USD. If the VTAF Teflon Upgrade is ordered with a VTAF unit, the upgrade will be installed before shipping. If the VTAF Teflon Upgrade is purchased for installation at home, figure on about 20 minutes for the easy-to-do installation.

The VTAF Teflon Upgrade provides a thin Teflon dry lubricating and damping layer to the bottom of the VTAF Adjuster Wheel, to the Top of the VTAF Bronze Bushing, and to the tone arm pedestal extension surfaces contacted by the VTAF Guide Assembly.


The VTAF Teflon Upgrade improves the VTAF by increasing tone arm isolation from the arm board, adding significantly to the already remarkable sonic benefits of the VTAF.

The Teflon Upgrade Reduces VTAF adjuster wheel friction making VTA Adjustment on the Fly even smoother and easier.

The VTAF Teflon Upgrade is easy to install. Estimated down time is 20 minutes.  If ordered with the VTAF the Teflon Upgrade will be installed before shipping.

The VTAF Teflon Upgrade Adds only .010" to the minimum achievable tone arm pedestal height.

Included in the Kit

Full instructions, self adhesive teflon for the bottom of the VTAF Adjuster Wheel, self adhesive Teflon for the top of the VTAF Bronze Bushing, self adhesive Teflon disks for VTAF Guide Assembly contact points, wipes for preparing the metal surfaces to accept the self adhesive Teflon, and a sharp blade for trimming excess Teflon from the VTAF Bronze Bushing and from the VTAF Adjuster Wheel.


In the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied, please contact us within 90 days for a no questions refund.  Return of a used VTAF Teflon Upgrade Kit is not required.  If the VTAF Teflon Upgrade Kit  is unused, return will be appreciated.