"I’m stunned that the VTAF  could make
such a difference. There was more definition
up and down the audio spectrum. The bass had
more slam and more tunefulness.
The highs sparkled without edginess,
and the midrange was beautiful and engaging.
There was a bigger and deeper soundstage, with
better instrument placement within it."
-Lee R. Moore

VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate

We offer the VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate as a product independent of the VTAF-for-SME. This allows VTAF users with traditional plinths and arm boards to have the convenience of easily adjustable mounting distance.

The VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate allows easy adjustment of overhang, a benefit missing in some tone arm designs.

The VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate is priced at $60 U.S. in Laquered Brass finish (add $12 for Smokey Silver finish).  Shipping and insurance is free if ordered with a VTAF or with a CCM.  Otherwise shipping and insurance is $7.20 U.S. to the U.S., or $9.60 to to Canada, or $12 USD to other destinations worldwide.


The VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate, like the SME sliding mounting system, allows the mounting distance (horizontal distance from turntable spindle axis to tone arm pivot vertical axis) to be easily changed to achieve the correct amount of cartridge overhang (distance from stylus to spindle axis). This is a great convenience, particularly with headshells which are not slotted, or cartridges which mount short or long (like the Denon 103 series, which mounts short). The VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate is inspired by the SME sliding mounting system but is simpler and more trim in appearance than the SME mounting system. When used with the VTAF, the VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate is hidden by the VTAF Adjuster Wheel.
Images are included here showing the VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate with the VTAF Bronze Bushing installed in an armboard, including one from the bottom of the arm board.  An image is also included of an SME arm mounted with the VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate.  This image shows how the VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate is hidden in use by the VTAF Adjuster Wheel.