The CCM is quite beautiful to
look at.
It sounds better than my
previous upgrade counterweight,
which is the Expressimo
I think the improvement is due to the
better arm stub provided with the CCM.
-Willie Chu

CCM (Counterweight for the Common Man) Testimonials

Szymon Gajda, RB300 tonearm on Nottingham AceSpace table: Hi Pete:  The CCM turned out to be a major league improvement for the Rega RB300.  The CCM eliminates the one-note-bass problem inherent in the stock RB300.  Looking forward to incorporating the VTAF into my vinyl rig.

Michael Levine, Rega arm on Linn LP12:
Hi Pete, finally got my thing together and installed the VTAF on my LP12. It turned out great and is sounding excellent. Together with the CCM counterweight (installed earlier, replacing the Kerry f2) the VTAF has made a significant upgrade in the sound of my vinyl. Thanks very much!

James Chee T. Loh, Rega RB300: 
The Counterweight for the Common man is excellent, working well. Sounds great on my RB300 arm.

Bernie Candy, Rega RB300: 
Just to let you know that having had your counterweight for a week or so, how impressed I am!! The humble P3 with an acrylic platter fitted, your CCM counter weight and The P6 Tonearm lead now sounds amazing! The CCM modification puts this arm/table combo into a different league altogether!! With your modification I suspect I would have to pay a small fortune to better the sound.

Greg Owen, Rega RB250:  
I love my CCM structural modification. It has really improved my Rega RB250.

Willie Chu: 
The CCM is quite beautiful to look at. It sounds better than my previous upgrade counterweight, which is the Expressimo Heavyweight. I think the improvement is due to the better arm stub provided with the CCM.

Gerard Paquet:
Pete is a superb seller - friendly, helpful. CCM is as described. Fast shipping. Completely satisfied. Highly recommended!

Jerome Tomko, Rega RB300: 
The CCM works well. I have it on my Rega RB300 on a vintage Thorens TD-160 turntable. I am surprised by how good it sounds.

Laura Pfefferkorn, Rega RB300:
My listening tests show the CCM counterweight system to be superior to my stock Rega RB300 counterweight system. The sound is more focused, and clear. The guitar strums are awesome. Clearly a winner. I want to thank you for a very fine product. Fit and finish are excellent. The instructions were very easy to follow, however I deviated slightly from them using the tip of a dull #2 pencil to install the insert. The tapered end fit perfectly and was easy to extract. I have been listening now for a week and can say that results were immediate and pronounced. The sound floor has decreased noticeably. Most of the run-in sections are now "almost" inaudible. Any sibilance and harshness present in the vocals are now gone. Bell sounds from the centers of cymbals are clear along with the "live shimmer". There are other improvements but the above are so dramatic I will stop here. Again I thank you for a Common Man approach to an UN-common product.

Chris Ringwood, RB300: 
I re-wired my Rega RB300. Definite improvement. Then I installed your weight and stub. WOW! An order of magnitude improvement exceeding the rewire. The enhanced clarity, separation of instruments and better balance in the frequency ranges whilst retaining excellent musicality, all added up to my being VERY pleased indeed with the modification. An order of magnitude improvement for $90 is audio-value indeed!

Chris Bates, Rega RB250 on Project Genie Turntable: 
The CCM arrived in good condition and is fitted to Rega RB250 on a modified Project Genie turntable (outrigger arm plate). Overall impression is of a veil lifted from the music, cleaner note extremities and deeper more defined bass. Just been listening to an old Philips LP of Alred Brendal  playing Liszt piano sonata - simply awesome piano depth with a modest Ortofon 2M red. Best value upgrade I have purchased for a very long time. Its a true breath of fresh air to buy something that does what is claimed! Keep up the good work. Chris Bates , England

Joe Gutowski, Rega RB300 arm on Rega Planar Table:

Hi Pete, The CCM sounds fantastic on my RB300 tonearm, really beautiful, a big improvement. Thanks, Joe



Frederick Durand, Loctudy France:
CCM received and in place on my Rega RB303: Better balance, muddy bass gone and better highs. Everything is clearer and more focused. The improvement is really worth the price ! Thanks for everything.


Robin Isberg, British Columbia, Canada, Rega RB300 Tonearm,

"Hi Pete: The CCM arrived last Wednesday. Thanks for the prompt shipment. The improvement in playback is quite remarkable. There is more retrieval of subtle details and sound stage information with the CCM installed, as well as a removal of any edginess."