The main thing our customers and potential customers need to know about us is that we will not manufacture or sell anything that does not represent a real improvement for your audio system, and that does not represent good value for your money spent. Period. We don’t want to be part of the audio snake oil show.


Pete Riggle Audio is pretty much a one man business. Sometimes we are able to cajole family members to pitch in to the production, packaging and shipping process.

Parts are machined to our specifications on CNC lathes. Parts are hand finished, generally by Pete. Special parts for special tone arms and tables are fabricated by hand by Pete.

Every item shipped is examined personally by Pete.

Every question asked by a customer or potential customer is answered by Pete


Pete Riggle is a graduate Mechanical Engineer (University of Washington, 1962) with a long career in mechanical and electrical design and analysis working on devices as diverse as artificial heart power sources, Stirling engines, linear electric motors, conversion of solar power to electric power, and audio components. Around 1980 we had a fling at loudspeaker design, manufacturing, and direct sales as Riggle Acoustics.

Pete’s interest in audio goes back to crystal radios.

Pete’s first real component audio system, around 1959, was a pair of Japanese full range drivers in sealed boxes, driven by an EICO HF-81 push-pull integrated full function tube amp. The signal source was a Bogen rim-drive turntable with a Shure cartridge.

A lot of ground has been covered in the intervening years.  Pete's shop listening room (which we call the Garden of Earthly Delights) has three excellent audio systems.  

Altec A7 Speakers, Beveridge 2SW Speakers, Po Boy Speakers
Altec A7 Speakers, Beveridge 2SW Speakers, Po Boy Speakers

 The first of these uses a pair of Altec A7-500-8 Voice Of The Theatre speakers driven by a pair of Heathkit UA2 push-pull monoblock power amplifiers using Amperex Bugle Boy EL84/6BQ5 output tubes. The crossover network is based on a design by audio legend Jean Hiraga. High performance capacitors in the crossover are critical to the end result. The capacitors used in these networks are the Pete Riggle Personally Selected Crossover Capacitors which are available for sale on this web site. You can read about this system at the following link.

Link to Altec A7 Page

Altec A7 Voice Of The Theatre Speakers



Then there is a pair of Beveridge Model 2SW lens loaded electrostats.  These are augmented by a 29 foot long exponential horn subwoofer mounted in a loft (The Monster in the Attic).  The Beveridge speakers have their own tube amplifers.  The Monster in the Attic uses a pair of 15 inch Altec drivers powered by a lowly plate amplifier.  Works great! 

 Then there is a pair of very large all-horn loudspeakers ( we call them the Po' Boys).  These use equalization and crossover provided by a DEQX signal processor.  The exponential bass horns are driven by a stereo KT88 push pull amp, which seems to work better than single ended in this application. The conical mid horns are driven by a pair of George Wright 2A3 single ended monoblocks.  The tractrix tweeter horns are driven by a stereo 6BQ5 (EL84) single ended amp. The results are pretty wonderful. Indeed I have found that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Pete is blessed by a plethora of good audiophile friends/companions, with good ears, who tend to keep him honest.

 Pete is always happy to answer any question, or kick around any idea posed by a customer, potential customer, or audio enthusiast. Pete normally limits his answers to those things about which he has direct experience.






Garden of Earthly Delights
Pete with Jason Flanary of Cain&Cain