"The VTAF is a marvel. Sound is dramatically improved
all around, and changing/adjusting cartridges is a breeze.
On top of all these benefits,
this is a marvelously designed,
engineered, and manufactured piece,the kind of thing
one likes to just gaze at. That it sounds so great while you
are looking is a real double-dip."
- Steve Monroe

VTAF for 3 Point Mount Rega Arms

VTAF for 3 Point Mount Rega arm; Also: CCM Counterweight

$216 USD in engine turned Lacquered Brass finish.
Options: Add $36 USD. for engine turned Smokey Silver finish. Add $36 USD for VTAF Teflon Upgrade.
Shipping and insurance are priced at $9.00 USD to U.S. destinations, $15.00 USD to Canada, and $16.20 USD to other destinations worldwide.
A number of Rega arms have incorporated a 3 point mounting system. These include the Rega RB301, RB700, RB900, and RB1000 arms. The 3 point mounting system utilizes a VTAF with a 3 point mounting plate atop the VTAF Adjuster Screw. We don’t have an image of a 3 point mount Rega arm on the VTAF for you, so we have provided an image of the mounting plate atop the VTAF Adjuster screw, with the arm omitted. The VTAF Adjuster Screw and Wheel, the VTAF Bronze Bushing, and the VTAF Guide Assembly remain the same as for the standard VTAF.
Please refer to our web page for the Standard VTAF for information on Advantages Provided by the VTAF, How the VTAF works, and How the VTAF is Constructed and Finished.

3 Point Mount Rega VTAF Showing Tonearm Mounting Plate